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It is an oasis in the desert! 

Do you want to escape from the extreme hot days to relax in a tree house over the Dim River in Alanya? There are very quiet places and there are a lot of activities there.
Dim River is a great place located in Alanya.It is very close to Alanya but weather is about 10-15 degrees colder then Alanya.You should spend 4-5 hours to see this beautiful place.
Here is a popular touristic place in Alanya and also local people prefer there in hot summer days especially on weekends.It has  many riverside restaurants and tourist facilities in Valley.This restaurants have delicious fish dishes made of fresh dish from the river. You can chose a pergola on the river or a tree house and relax.
The water is very cold in the River and you can swim in it so don't forget your swim suits. Dim River has wonderful picnic areas and natural places to spend relaxing time in the nature.You can relax in the cool air-conditioned natural environment and with the sounds of birds.

Things to do in Dim River.

You can lie and relax in the hammock.
Listen to the sound of water and sounds of birds,read your book in a tree house. 
Most of the Restaurants have pool,waterslides,waterfalls,jumping board and playgrounds for children. 

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